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I am searching for my grandfather’s first wife and daughter. My grandfather’ name is Franz Helfert born March 15,1900 in Altrohlau,Czechoslovakia. On my granfather’s Declaration of Intention he listed a wife named Aloisia Elisabeth Lifka (Ella on passenger lists) and a daughter named Elizabeth. Franz and Aloisia were married on March 20, 1923. Elizabeth was born on January 27,1923 in Czechoslovakia. Where in Czechoslovakia I do not know. It states Aloisia died in Fischern,Czechoslovakia in March 1926? Hard to read as ink bled on paperwork. Aloisia was born September 29th in Fischern Nr.2 in 1903. Aloisia’s father is Ferdinand Lifka born April 6,1871 in Pürk Nr. 27. I am trying trying to locate any family…..grandchildren of Elizabeth possibly. I do not know if she was ever married. It seems I hit brick wall after brick wall….I am hoping someone somewhere knows something about this family and give me some insight or connections.



Have you looked at Vilhelm Persson’s tree on Ancestry? He has your line listed.

I honestly do not know. I am unable to find any information on either my granfather’s first wife and daughter. I have been able to find a paper trail for my grandfather but not his first wife or daughter. He was not forthcoming with information so unfortunately I only know what I find. I was told that the town Fischern does not exist anymore and is only part of Karlovy Vary-Rybáre.


That is the town listed on my grandfather’s Declaration of Intention ……says Fischern, Czechoslovakia. I have my grandfather’s marriage certificate to both of his wives. I am looking for Elizabeth. She is my grandfather’s daughter from first marriage. He never ever spoke about her. My mother just found out she had a 1/2 sister at the age of 71. I am trying to find out about her and if there are any living relatives before my mother is no longer here. I am going off the information my grandfather filled out the paperwork with and that is all that I have.


Hi, Are you sure that the town name is Fischern? I see on Ancestry someone posted the marriage record for you years ago. What area was that record from? The link is dead now.