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I was wondering if anyone could help me with a surname and information? I am having a bit of trouble finding anything so I was wondering if the spelling of the surname wasn’t correct. My Great Grandfather was born On October 14, 1882 and the name I keep seeing listed on all documents here in the US are George Hicho. I cannot find any information or much anything else with the surname Hicho. A draft registration I found for him (around 1940s) where he lived after he immigrated to the US (Pittsburgh, PA) lists his place of birth as Krosney, Austria but I cannot find any information about Krosney. Other documents for him list the birth place just as Czechoslovakia. The only other information that I have is that He immigrated to the US around 1902 and from what I have heard may have immigrated to Connecticut and later moved to Pittsburgh and his wife’s name was Anna Elko who was also from Czechoslovakia.




Thank you! I will do that! I am actually waiting to hear back from the US Citizenship and Immigration office for information if he was naturalized so hopefully if they can find something that would greatly help in my search.

Even if the passenger list is for someone with the same name, you can hunt through the records for Krasnovce to try to find him in 1882. The locality name matches quite closely what is on his draft registration. Coincidence?

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Just saw your email! Thank you! I am not too sure its the same person as my great grandfather would have been 20 not sixteen that year. Could it still be him or are they pretty accurate with ages?

There is a 1902 passenger record for a Gyorgy Hicso (Hungarian spelling) coming from Krasznocz. This is now in Krasnovce in Slovakia. It is near Michalovce. According to the manifest they were three sixteen year old boys coming from the same village. Wish I knew how to post attachments on this message board.

According to the Auslander Gazetteer of the Kingdom of Hungary, the Roman Catholic parish is in Michalovce. Those records can be found online at Family search here:…

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