Holesisich Bohemia

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I have had some pretty good success the Czech archives online. I am however trying to find the town that my 2nd great grandmother Marie Raabova is from. On my great grandmothers christening record it shows the town Holesisich. It is written very clearly. This lady had 17 children (at least.) I found 17 records in the books that are online. All of them show the same town. Her husband was Adolf Marik. He was from Kostelec na Vltavou. I cant seem to find their marriage record. I assume it is in her home town. All I need to know is where this town is. It may be close to Kostelec nad Vltavou in Pisek. Any help or poke in the right direction would be greatly appreciated.



Have you tried searching around Kovarov? If you look in the Trebon archive website in the Geographic index for Holesisich, you’ll find Holesice (and German variants) that could be a match for Holesisch. Worth a try! Good luck!