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I am looking for my grandmother Tomcsik who came to Swedeland PA. Not sure if she was already married to my grandfather or met and married him there. 1906-1907, birth of Anna Husar. She took my mother to Slovakia, but the story went, she died there maybe 1908.I did find USA Declaration of Intention for John Husar that he married Annie Kokos February 1909. Annie Kokos was born September 1888 in  Jenka (Jenkovce) CZ-SK. I was happy to find 1913 passenger list on the ship Cassel. My mother, her half sister Mary and grandfather's 2nd wife. Through Ancestry free time on line, in 4 days I have found information and pictures of each grandfather (Hudak). still looking for Anna Tomcsik




I often use that website and the Slovak Churches and Synagogues site also.

Using my Grandfathers paper work, and in my search through towns using Family Search Records, Slovakia Church Books, Roman Catholic (Rimsko-katolicka cirkev),I found an Anna Tomcsik death in Feb. 20, 1908 with Janos Huszar. she was buried Feb.22nd. Her age was 18. My Mother was 2. Still not sure what she died from or where. Would like to find the cementery.

I am looking for one of those funeral notices that come up. they look like a certificate in the Slovak language. Maybe Hungarian?

Thanks again,

Joanne Hudak


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Karen, Thank you for the response.

I had Michal Razus helping since the last conference 2019. He found me a lot of info on my grandfather Husar. Through ancestry DNA, I met a cousin in 2018. Emailing to her and she also a Husar. Finally we got the connection. I told her about CGSI, and she joined us in Nebraska for the 2019 conference. Our grandfathers were brothers.. We shared pictures and laughed. She had a picture of Michael Husar and 2 women. did not know the women. I told her that my brother is a spitting image of her grandfather and I know who the 2 ladies were. Been best friends since.

Our local library has Ancestry, I was going to the library with help of a friend. Now I can do this from home using a password from the library. Since mid June, I was able to find both grandfathers " Declaration of Intent ". What a big and happy surprise. On this paper work was showing my mother living in Slovakia. We knew she went with her mother, and her mother died some where there. What I didn't know, was, she was there for 5 years. That explained why grandpa was a boarder in the 1910 census. showing eastern PA. 

Thank you for the web site. I will check it out.



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Thank you for your reply.

I found both Grandfathers "Declaration of Intention"  Huszar living in Besovese SK in 1908 with my mother Anna. (My Grandmother Tomcsik died, either in Slovakia or on the way to go back home,my mother Anna was with her.).

Paper work shows a marriage to an Anna Kokos Feb. 1909, and my Aunt Mary (Maria) born December 1909 in this area. Could never find th2 USA 1910 census of my Mother. Paper shows her still living in SK.till 1913.

So I searched for immigrants to the States, March  12,1913. My Mother, her step-mother, Anna and Mary. Grnadpa John Huszar was living as a boarder in Pottstown PA. I did find a death record of an Anna Tomcsik with a Janos Huszar in 1908, could this be my Grandmother?