Husar and Hudak to PA

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Both grandfathers settled in Pittsburgh PA Both born in Czechslovakia and my parents always said near the Czech – Austria – Hungary borders. I have looked at Ellis Island info. What other web site should I look for information? Both born between 1884 – 1889. The Hudak side is related to the Balog name. The Husar side to the Tomchik. This is what I remember from my mother Anna Husar ( Married to Hudak) born in Norristown Pa. Thank you, Joanne



The best way to move forward is to focus on one immigrant couple at a time. For example, did your Husar grandparents come over married or single. What were their names? Approximate birth and death dates? What is their religion? From census info you should be able to determine when they arrived in PA.

The more info you are able to provide, the better the chances are that you will be able to find out where they came from in Europe, and hopefully this will lead to finding their birth records.

Best Gabi