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I am looking for my gg grand parents. I believe they were from Bohemia. They spoke german and english. They went by Charles and Cecelia Schilder after they came to the US. They lived first in Madison County Nebraska and then went to Wisconsin. I would like to confirm they really came from Bohemian City but have not been successful. Hoping that someone can direct me what to do or if there is a research consultant available that can take me to the next step.

The following information I got from the published passenger lists:

Name: Carl Schiller Birth 17 May 1852 Arrival Date: 5 Aug 1885 New York Karlsdorf, Böhmen

Name: Mathilde Schilder Birth: 22 Nov 1856 Arrival Date: 5 Aug 1885 New York Nyrau, Böhmen

I am not sure but I think these are the cities they came from. City: Karlsdorf District or country:Písek Municipality: Zvíkovské Podhradí Parish office: Oslov

City: Nyrany District or country:Pilsen



Once again thank you for helping me prove my that my great grand parents were really from Bohemia. I did a lot of digging this past week. I confirmed that Neudorf/Nova Ves is next to Karlsdorf/Karlov. I have included a map link. However, I went through about 20 or so records that mentioned Nova Ves but was not able to find any additional records in the I think I may be doing something wrong. Is there a way to confirm that they were actually in that village.…

část obce Nová Ves, Dolní Moravice Dolní Moravice – Nová Ves okres Bruntál, Moravskoslezský kraj, Česko

Neudorf is probably Nova Ves which is less than 10 miles away.

Karlov pod Pradědem, Malá Morávka Malá Morávka – Karlov pod Pradědem okres Bruntál, Moravskoslezský kraj, Česko


Here is the link to Louis Spillers birth record.…

parish of Mala Moravka in Silesia

I don’t know much German, so here is the Reader’s Digest translation: Birth Date: Mar 18, 1885, Karlov #58 (par Mala Moravka) Child: Alois Schilder Father: Karl Schilder, laborer in Karlov, son of Johann Schilder, ? in Karlov and his wife Aloisia born to Karl Kneisel, w? in Karlov Mother: Caecilie, daughter of Mathilde Niessner, born to Josef Niessner tailor in Neudorf Godparents: Peter Schilder, laborer and Florentina Schilder.

Neudorf is probably Nova Ves which is less than 10 miles away.

This work was done by Gabreila Vcislo.

This should give you a starting point. Let me know if you need anything else.

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