Jacob Witzaney's immigration to the USA

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Hello.  My name is Alexander James Witzaney.  My Great Great Grandfather was Jacob Witzaney, born in Austria in 1810.  My Great Grandfather was Lawrence Witzaney, born in Austria in1847.  They immigrated to the USA sometime in 1855. As Canadian Citizenship did not exist until 1947, they were not Canadian Citizens at the time, but were Austrian.  They would have been Naturalized American Citizens after moving to Minnesota in the 1855. My Grandfather was Peter Paul Witzaney. He was born in Minnesota in 1879, He immigrated to Canada in 1911 when my father, Edward Witzaney was 3 years old. When the Citizenship Act was passed in 1947 all my Grandfather's and father's families would have been granted retro-active Canadian Citizenship.  I did not know that either of my Great Great grandfather or Great Grandfather resided in British North America prior to immigrating to the USA. Any information would be appreciated



Hello Alexander, I would check the Library and Archives Canada website. Under Collection, there is a 'Genealogy and Family History' link. They have censuses, passenger lists, and many other resources to explore. Here is the link Then also Ancestry, FindMyPast, and FamilySearch websites might be of help. Thank you. Iveta