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Looking to see if I can find out anything on my Great Grandfather’s family in Bohemia. His name was Anton Janicek. I have located where he left to come to America. His ship the Roland sailed from Bremen Germany in 1896 when he was 20 years old. He was born in 1876. I have been on Ancestry but they have nothing on his Father or Mother.



Thanks Tony and yes I will need all the luck I can get..

Hi Jerry. Okay Bremen, Germany is where he shipped out of. Now here comes the confusing parts. On some of the census forms it goes from Moravia to Bohemian I think the next word is Austr. as his brother John has Bohemian Ger. listed. And my Great grandmother Anna(Kolar) Janicek has Bohemian Ger. listed. And G-Grandfather Anton has his parents listed as Bohemian Austr. but then I have even seen Dhoule, Mor. and then of course on another census form it says Czechoslovakia. As for any cousins I have no idea who they are and as to why I don’t know my biological fathers side is a long story. Great Grandfather Anton was born in 1876. And for great Grandmother Anna (born 8-12-1874 Czech Republic). I can trace her to her mother and then it says father unknown. But shows that her mother was born 12-1845 in Bohemia Austria then it says her father is unknown and mother unknown. I wouldn’t even know where to get a birth certificate but I have gotten a hold of Burwell, Nebraska Garfield County courthouse and when I talked to them they told me that parents are listed on the death certificate so waiting for them to call back and if they don’t have it I will have to get a hold of the state of Nebraska for it. So I’m still in there kicking. I know where they are buried but nothing on the headstones except name and dates. With all these different sites listed that shows why I’m confused. I have left messages on other boards so still trying. Any help you can give would be much appreciated. And as for a marriage license I’m not sure if they got married here or Texas as I have seen that somewhere. And it even states on one census form that my grandfather James and my great Aunt Martha were adopted but I ran into a 3rd cousin on Ancestry and all she could tell me was that no one talks about it but she seems to think that they were born before Anton and Anna got married. And at least I was able to get 3 pictures from her on what they all looked like.

Hi, Jim, when you say you have located where he left, do you mean Bremen or a village name? If you have a village name, I’d be happy to help you search. If you only know he left from Bremen, you need to keep searching until you can locate a village name. The clue most likely exists somewhere. Try calling all your cousins to see if someone has a lead. Might be a cemetery stone. Might be a church record of birth or marriage. What stones remain unturned?