JIROVSKY, Jonas, Kohout, Kremlacek, Oubrychta

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I am looking for Josef Jirovsky (born 1873) from Kouty (near Trebic), Moravia, Czech Republic, who came to US in June, 1896, with Josef Oubrychta (born 1870) and Frantiska Jonas (born 1872). All were single and settled in Schuyler (or Wahoo), Nebraska. Josef may have worked at the Kremlacek Machine Shop. He knew Jakub and Annie Kohout from Schuyler, Nebraska. His uncle was John (Jan) Jirovsky who owned a saloon in Schuyler or Wahoo. Josef returned to Kouty, Czech Republic, in 1906. I am interested in where Josef lived and where else he worked during the 10 years he was in the US. I was unable to find him in the 1900 US Census.