Johan and Vaclav/James Major/Mayer/Meyer/Meier - Czechoslovakia/Svaty Kriz,

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Searching for any info at all re; Johann (John) Major/Mayer/Majer born 1889-1890 SvatyKriz/Plzen/Rokycany Piano Tuner – travelled to Chicago 1910 or thereabouts, worked in piano factories for around 5 years, then travelled to Australia permanently, but never became an Australian citizen. John had a brother, Vaclav, who travelled to U.S and became a U.S citizen. Any info at all on Johann or Vaclav will be much appreciated



June, I find this very interesting. My GF/in law was born Vensil Gajer 1856. He travel to America in 1887 as Wenzel Geier. We know his sister was Barbara (Barbora) Kajer who also came to the US and settled in MN. I’m not showing any Johann or John’s in my records, but I am wondering????? Sue Guyer