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Josef Zvacek and his wife Frantiska Tichy were farmers in Chrundim County in the village of Teleci, Bohemia, just as their parents, grandparents and great grandparents had been before them, all scratching a subsistence from the earth in close knit villages in central Bohemia. Unlike their relatives, however they left Bohemia, the land they would forever refer to as the “Old Country” to emigrate to America in 1854, a brutally courageous undertaking, since it was the very beginning of the Czech migration and there was no support awaiting them in America.

Daughter, Anna Zvackova (Anna Zvacek upon marriage) was born on October 17, 1849 in her father’s home #74 in Telici, Chrudim County, Bohemia (Now Czech Republic) Her Godfather, Jan Dostal witnessed her baptism in accordance with the custom of the Evangelical Church. He lived in house #121 in Teleci. Her Godmother Annie Smatlan, wife of Joseph Smatlan lived in house #2 in Teleci. The Midwife was Christine Filipi also from Telici. Her baptismal record was signed by Vaclav Karafiat, Pastor of the Evangelical Church in Telici. My great grandmother, Anna Zvacekova was four years old when her family left their beloved Bohemia in 1854 for a journey to America.



I see this is a post from several years ago, but I believe that Josef is my 2nd great granduncle.  His brother, Jan is my 2nd great grandfather.  My direct ancestors are mostly from the Colfax and Fremont county Nebraska.

Stephen Zvacek,

Lee's Summit, Mo

Jan Dostal from Teleci #121 was my 3rd great grandfather. His wife, Josefa Ticha was born in 1809 in Hnevetice #9, Skutec, Chrudim. Their daughter Anna, born in 1832, married Josef Fajmon from Teleci #77 my great great grandparents. Their daughter Anna married my great grandfather, Josef Rousar and they owned house #121 before they came to the Hopkins, Minnesota area.

I do not know if Josefa Ticha was related to other Tichy’s in Teleci.

I do not have much information about Zvaceks but I do have a Terezie Zvackova, born in 1824 in Teleci #74 who married Jan Novotny and died in 1923 in Nebraska.

Kathy Roushar Jorgenson

Josef Zvacek, Frantiska Tichy Zvacek and daughter Anna were in the group of five families that settled around Ely, Iowa. Descendants still live in the area. They belonged to the Bohemian and Moravian Brethren Church, now First Presbyterian Church near Ely Iowa, where I was a pastor and one of the churches toured during the recent CGSI Conference in Cedar Rapids. I think the Jan Wawra family (your second posting) also settled nearby near Swisher, with descendants in the Ely congregation. Fran Larew