Joseph TRINGL & wife Teresia SLAMSCHIDLO who came to St Louis MO

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Joseph TRINGL was born at an unknown location in Bohemia in about 1810. It might have in Praha or the surrounding area. His wife was Teresia SLAMSCHLIDO maybe born in Praha or the surrounding location in about 1815. This couple came to America and settled in St Louis MO. Do not know when they came to America. Teresia’s father’s name was thought to be Martin SLAMSCHIDLO. Do not have a marriage date for this couple but their daughter Anna TRINGL was born 31 Mar or 24 May 1847 (died in St Luis MO) so it had to have been before then. I am looking for baptismal records in Bohemia to back up dates and locality information above.



The proper maiden surname for Teresia was Zlamsido in Bohemia. Slamschidlo was a maiden name that she used in America.