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Trying to find the last “brick” in the genealogy search of my husbands grandfather. I have been told that we were Gayers from Mirovicku, Bohemia (actually Orlicke in Mysline) in 1759. Around 1780 Paul Gayer settled in Mirovice, bohema. We knew the grandfather as Victor- but he also used Vitor and if the boat records I found are correct Weitzel. I have records of what I have been told are his parents/grandparents. His parents were Venzl Kajer, a master weaver, of Mirovice. Son of deceased Pavel Kajer and mother Teresia Schvarcbekova of #108. The bride was Barbora, daughter of Vojtecky-a citizen and master- in Mirovice #45 and Salomena Padoveova from Mirovice # 24. They were married 5/7/1844. How many total children they had, I don’t know. They did have Fosch, Terelie, Appolonia, Barbora(born 1846 or 1847), Josef (born 3/17/1853) Stanislav, Vaclav, and maybe a Terinka. Victor was born October 1862. When he arrived in America he had a wife-Mary/Marie and daughter-Maary/Marie/Mammie. Any idea were to go for information? ANY help will be appriciated.



Sue, have you made any progress on this? It looks like you are quoting from a birth record. Can you send me a copy? There should be something on it that indicates the parish and region. There are three Mirovices that pull up on Some of the children’s names don’t look too “Czech”, so I’m leaning toward the east more than Bohemia. Happy to see if we can put our heads together and find something if you will send me what you have.