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Seems that my maternal line (Hemer/Hemmer/Hemr) from Chysna / Pehlrimov area were knackers by occupation.  I've fortunately found a Hemer/DNA relative in Prague who enlightened me somewhat as to the unique cultural situation for knacker families.  They processed dead or sick animals.  They had freedom to move and not tied to a farm, estate or a "lord".  They were generally "unaccepted" in mainstream society but not exactly outcasts.  Marriages were usually between knacker families.  

Does anyone know of availability of other information on knackers?  




Hello Joe, the old profession of pohodný or ras is described in the Ottuv slovnik naucny, Otto's encyclopedia or dictionary. The National Library of the Czech Rep. has the series online, check Vol. 19, pages 1049-1051. Citation: Ottův slovník naučný: illustrovaná encyklopaedie obecných vědomostí. V Praze: J. Otto, 1902. sv. 19, s. 1049. Dostupné také z:…. You need to deal with Czech language, however, it gives a description of this profession and place where it was performed or took place (pohodnice). Maybe you know of this website (check the names on the left). Also… (page 140). Internet Archive (and other web pages) showed some interesting articles, as well. I would look for the records in the archives and chronicles. Thank you. Iveta

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Hello Iveta,

Thank you so much for your help.  My knowledge of the Czech language is limited to what I know of BMD records in the Czech Archives.  Looking briefly at the "vanek site" brings up quite a few of my direct ancestors (Baburek, Hemer/Hemmer/Hemra..., Neuberger, Neruda etc.).  I found the Baburek location on the map and look forward to wending my way around the site.  I'll definitely look at the others as well and pass your suggestions on to my distant Hemer cousin in Prague.  

Will you be at the Wisconsin CGSI convention in the fall?  I would like to meet you if possible.

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Joe Kvech, Lexington, VA  

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Hello Joe,

Yes, I should be in WI. Then I will meet you there.

Thank you.