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Does anyone know if there is a Family History Center (other than Salt Lake City) or other archives that has a copy of LDS film #1739197 (containing record of deaths in Gnezda (Hniezdne), Szepes, 1880-1910? I would like to verify an entry in the death register but this film hasn’t yet been digitized and because FC no longer loans out microfilm I can’t ask that it be sent to my local FHC. Any help is appreciated!



Please contact me at with your specific death record of interest. 

Post 1895 records for Gnezda, former Spis County have not been microfilmed as you say. 
I may be able to help you.

Karen Melis

All of the locations where this microfilm is available are posted online on
Click on Search
Click on Catalog
Click on Film/Fiche Number
Type is the number of the microfilm in the search box
Click Search
2 results will appear
Click on the first item listed
Scroll down to Location (This is listed between Subjects and Film/Digital Notes)
The location listed is the Family History Library. Hit the down arrow. There are over 20 locations listed throughout the country where this microfilm is located.