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My great grandparents are on passenger list leaving Bremen in late June/early July, 1881, arriving in New York in mid July, 1881.  I have no other information about where they lived in Austria/Bohemia. I have no photos, no kroje, no Bible, etc.

Any suggestions?

JUANITA A NOVOTNY - 4646 Novotny Rd, , Imperial, MO 63052


Have you found obituaries for your emigrant ancestors?  They might have birthplace.  If they had siblings, check their obits.  Unfortunately, Novotny is a common surname in Cz. Rep. but the usual dogged research might get you there.

Hello Juanita,

Although not promising any success, you could check this website…. If you find your person in the list, you can proceed to checkout, pay about 16.00 dollars, and they would send you what they have - in pdf format. I used it before. They might not have anything or their records do not contain the last residence, but still it can be worth to try.

Did your great grandparent fill out the naturalization papers to start the nat. process? Many times they did not finish this process, but these first papers can reveal the last residence. Research  FAN (their friends, associates, neighbors) and newspapers for obituaries, especially those published in Czech. Also the records of genealogical and historical societies where they settled. The following link might give some ideas, along with the CGSI Digital Library (recorded presentations from various conferences), Nase Rodina articles, Webinars, etc. Thank you. Iveta B