Location of Mala Becha

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I'm looking for the town of Mala Becha, Slovakia, which I cannot find. I've heard it may be near Žilina, but I'm not sure. Does anybody know where this town is?  I'm researching the surname Čebek or Čebik (Americanized to "Chebeck") from this town. Thanks!

Jacob Beranek - WI


Hi Jacob,

I think it should be Malá Bytča (pronouciation would be as Malah Bitscha). It lies in a district of Žilina (Zilina region). It is between Povazska Bystrica and Zilina, cca 19 km south of Žilina and 15 km from Považská Bystrica. I am from Pov. Bystrica. These last names are in this region, including similar varieties as Cibik or Šibik. Please, check this link