Looking for childhood address of Anastasia Becvar

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My grandmother was born in Pocinovice.  Her birth name is Anastasia Becvar.  Her parents are Vaclav Becvar and Theresa Altman.  We are traveling to Pocinovice in June 2024 and would like to visit her childhood home if it still exists.  Anastasia was born on 4/20/1891.  She later married Vincent Veselak

Kelly L Heckman - 7015 Creekside Lane, , Indianapolis, IN 46220


Hello Kelly, There are more places with this place name. I know of the three places. You probably know the right one. Each place might have their own website, check for their online presence, where you can find the Contact info (Kontakty). You can send an email to at least two people under Contacts (in both languages), and they might connect you with a local historian or chronicler. Also, check if they have a social media presence, to possibly contact them that way, as well. 

Also, if you have time, you can attend the upcoming Czech & Slovak Genealogy Discussion session online, on Sat, May 4, to discuss your case, and house visit. Here is the link…. Thank you. yvegen