Looking for information on Rudolf?Tzdenek?Bushek?Ruza

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This is my grandfather—have no information other than he may have been born in Jablonac.Looking for Marriage certificate,Mother born Oct. 26,1915, immigrated to Canada-looking for birth certificate, entry papers to Canada. Aunt born in Calgary, Alberta Jan 18,1919,Uncle born July 26, 1920, Youngstown, Alberta(near Drumheller). Grandfather died??? around this time in flu epidemic. Also, the family story was he was coming to the US to an uncle, Otto Bushek(ik)



Born in Bohemia? Could have entered U.S. anytime prior to 1914 to March 1915. Married to Ruzena (Rosa)Pasek, born in Ceske Budejovice born Feb.12, 1893