Looking for Junek relatives in Czechia

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I would like to find people living in Czech Republic who are related to my grandfather Josef F Junek who was born in Dlouha Trebova (Dlouhá Třebová) in 1884 and came to America in 1905, landing in Baltimore, MD.  I'm hoping to visit Czechia, and it would be nice to make contact with relatives beforehand, as that would help me plan my trip.  Being new at this, I would appreciate any suggestions on how to go about making these connections.  

Douglas Sampson


Hello Douglas, 

Perhaps you can browse the CGSI Digital Library which contains presentations from various conferences. One example,  the speaker Jim Hudec made a presentation, titled Bridging the Century Gap: Finding Living Relatives, in 2019, and it is preserved there. You need to be a member to watch it. 

You can also check if the places you are going to visit, have the websites and social media presence. You could write them through their online contact info and possibly they can connect you with a local historian. In addition, you can write to local parish that you are coming to visit. Even if you cannot make a right connection on your first visit, it will be worth it! The second visit (if possible) is usually more fruitful. Then there is always an option to use the genealogy services of professionals in CR - their list is on the CGSI website, as well.

Feel free to let us know of your progress or come to listen to suggestions from other attendants  at this quarterly virtual event on May 4, 2024…. Thank you. yvegen