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On page 69 of the June 2004 issue of Nase rodina the tombstone engraved with “Lorenc” in a photo submitted by Arlene Gardiner immediately caught my attention. My grandfather, Frank Lorenc, first came to Wisconsin from Tynec (south of Plzen) and I could never find out why. How can I find out if he had any relatives in the area? I have been told that he knew a family by the name of “Kolerus”. He had a “black sheep” brother that the family would never discuss that may have settled in Cleveland, Ohio, but I never could find out anything about him or when or where he died. As you can tell I do not know much about genealogical procedures. Any help you can give me would be deeply appreciated. Ernest Lorenc Phone 417-881-2500

Ernest Lorenc 2053 S. Pin Oak Drive, , Springfield, MO 65809