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I’m trying to find any information about my great-grandmother, Mary MARSIK, who was born around 1862 in Bohemia. I have no other information about where she was from or the exact date of her birth; I have a possible passenger record for her from 1879 (coming to Baltimore from Bremen Germany) but I’m not entirely certain it’s her, as it seems too early a date considering her stated age was 21 – if it is her record, then she wasn’t truthful about her age.

Regardless, she ended up in St. Paul, Minnesota sometime around 1882 as I find her listed in a city directory working as a “domestic.” She married my great-grandfather in St. Paul on November 14, 1883, at the Ramsey County Courthouse.

She had five children before her early death in St. Paul’s City and County Hospital on November 19, 1894, aged 32. She is buried in Maplewood, Minnesota.

So far, I have not been able to locate any records which indicate where in Bohemia she came from, when she came here, and if she came here with anyone else. I’ve found some records online but am really stuck with her place of origin and, as I understand it, you need to know that information to locate other records in the Czech Republic.

If anyone has this surname in their family or any ideas where I may check further, I would really appreciate any insight. email Thanks!

Jackie L. - Little Canada, MN