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I need some help with my husbands great grandfather Mathias Joseph Dvorak. I know he was born in Bohemia Jan 3 1863 (or it could be a baptism date) At some point he came to the US settled in the New Prague, LeSuer, MN. He married Marie Travnicek in 1886 in a community of Vesli. 2 of the children were born there, Emil Mathias 1888, and Bogena (Bessie) 1890. They moved to the Tabor MN in NW MN. Mathias died in 1894 of a shotgun falling from a wagon at the age of 31. Their 3 child Edward Joseph (my husbands grandfather) wasn’t born yet. Thats it. I thought the marriage record at the church would have parents names but it doesn’t. Does anyone have any ideas on how proceed? I have the info going forward but a brick wall before Matt. Darlene Dvorak



You have a big challenge with the name Dvorak. There are tons of them all over the Czech Republic. I’ve got quite a few in my research and will see if I can find something that might help. But, first, let me ask you a question since I also have ancestors who settled in the New Prague area for a period of time. Do you know the names of any of Mathias Dvorak’s relatives that may have also been in New Prague? There’s a reason he settled there initially and that is most likely another family member, cousin, or family friend from the same village, etc. Any ideas about that? Researching anything you have there might be a clue as to the village or area to search in the Czech Republic.

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Sorry I didn’t reply have been busy with a family health issue. Kinda puts research on a back burner. What I do know all relates to the family he married into, Travnicek family. Eventually they moved up to NW MN along with Matthias and his wife Marie. I know there are a couple of Dvorak families that were in the area. I am still trying to see if I can find a connection.