Miksovic - Mlck - Bujark

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Looking for records in the Czech Republic on — Emil Miksovic [born in Chrastany (Bohemia), near Rakovnik, 1885] — Marie (Maria) Miksovic, nee MLCK (born in Podhradi, near Luhacovic, 1883) — Anna Bujark(ova) [born 1894, possibly in Ostrava).

Emil married Marie in “Paglovice” (probably Pozlovice, near Podhradi / Luhacovice / Zlin) in 1908 and came to the U.S. in 1911. Emil’s second wife, Anna Bujarkova, came to the U.S. in 1922, and they were married in the U.S. We do not know anything about their parents, and know very little about their siblings. Our records of their lives in the U.S. are fairly comprehensive, but we know very little about their lives in the old country. Any tips on where to go to find such information would be much appreciated.

Ann Miksovic - Albuquerque