Miksovic - MLCK (or Mlcek) - Bujark

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Interested in finding out more about my Czech relatives, particularly if we have any blood relatives living there now.

My Grandfather, Emil Miksovic (b. 1885 in Chrastany, near Rakovnik) came from Podhradi (Moravia — near Luhacovice / Zlin) to the United States in 1911 with his wife, baby, and sister-in-law. We know very little about his life or relatives in CZ. Apparently Emil’s step-mother’s name was Marie Miksovic, and she lived in Luzna (we think).

Emil married Marie MLCK (or MLCEK, b. 1883 in Podhradi) in 1908, whose father’s name was Josef Mlcek (also living in Podhradi). Marie Mlcek had a sister named Anna. Emil and Marie’s first child, (also named) Marie Miksovic, was born in Podhradi in 1909.

We think that Emil’s father may have been named Henry (Jindrich?) and his mother’s name may have been Frances (Frantiska?).

The village chronicle at the Chrastany website has references to Miksovic’s at the turn of the last century, but we have no idea how or if they were related (at

Marie Miksovic died of TB in the U.S. in 1920? and Emil sent for another wife. Anna Bujark (b. 1894, Ostrava) came over in 1922 (living in Hrabova at the time of her departure), and she and Emil married soon after her arrival.

Help with finding out more about relatives in CZ would be very much appreciated. Thank you!



Ann, I have had success in the past by just writing a brief letter with the information you have above and addressing it to the Miksovic family in that village. If you want to discuss that in more detail, email me at jerrymartinek at comcast dot net.