Moravian Land Registry: dating a record and type of farmer listed

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Hello All -

I'm working with a record of my ancestor in the Moravian Land Registry in the village of Olomucany, Blansko, South Moravia and I am hoping someone might be able to help me
1) determine the date/year of a specific record and
2) help translate a type of farmer listed in German in the same record

The record location is: and the image number is 34.

There are two kinds of farmers listed in this image, I can't figure out either but am most interested in the one that says "Podiedter mit acker" (something with a field?)

As for the date of the record, in another part of the same village record (image 35) the year 1673 is mentioned, so I assume it would be that year or later. Knowing the exact date will be helpful to understanding which ancestor is mentioned. 

Thank you in advance!

Ed Potter    

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