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Hi. I am new here and hoping I can find out a little more about my ancestors.  My father immigrated as a teenager from Hungary in 1956 during the Revolution there. His father was born in Slovakia so I know I have Slovak ancestry. I hired a Slovak researcher a number of years ago who has since passed away. He found and sent me everything he could find on my family, church records, birth certificates, etc. Unfortunately there is no father listed in the church records nor the birth certificate of my grandfather who was born near Piestany. 

He was able to trace my grandfather's maternal side back 3 generations to Mnesice. Much of the Hrusovsky's on my side were in/around Nove Mesto nad Vahom. There are a number of Hrusovsky's there he sent me names of but with no genealogical connection that he could find. 

I am assuming 'Hrusovsky' is not a real popular name as I can find very little of it on the internet prior to the 1900s. I do know there were 6 villages named 'Hrusov' in/around Slovakia so I am assuming I might have roots in one of them (but that's just an assumption -- perhaps wrong?)

With no mention of a father, I've been up against a brick wall for 20+ years. The family story was that my grandfather was the son of a King, his mother being a chambermaid there in a farm called 'Schlesinger Majer'. Again, nothing but an assumption, but we think it could be the owner of the 'Majer' was wealthy and appeared 'kingly' to the family thus the story, or it could be that royalty of some sort visited the baths in Slovakia and fathered my grandfather. We just have zero proof on any of it.  

I have been DNA tested at 23 and Me and at Ancestry and uploaded my DNA to MyHeritage as well in hopes of finding a connection. Unfortunately, nothing yet.

If anyone has any advice on how to proceed to try and find out who my ggrandfather might have been (if even possible) I would love to learn how to go about this.

Thank you. I know it's a long post but the story it complex, at least to me, thus the lengthy explanation.

Here is a link to an ancestor chart I have. The top half is the lineage of my paternal grandfather and grandmother, the bottom portion Hrusovsky names given to me by the researcher that appear in/near Nove Mesto nad Vahom that are, as of yet, unproven to be related.




A very slim chance, but about the only thing at this time that you can do is to take the BIG Y-700 test at  IF your unknown GGrandfather had any other children from a later marriage, OR IF he had any brothers that married with children, OR IF his father had brothers, and IF they too married, AND all of these had male children, down to the present day, AND IF any of these also tested at ftDNA for the same Y DNA test, you might be able to at least get a surname.

Depending on your situation, the test may be considered fairly expensive, but it does go on sale several times a year.  In my own case, I had one match, with the most recent common ancestor being about 750 years ago.  Different country, different surname, and no relation on the autosomal level.  Surnames generally didn't start until about the 1600s anyway.  That branch of my tree had no unknown fathers, no mysteries, so I had taken that test just to see what I would get.