Novotny of Korenice and Ratbor

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I have lost confidence in my geneaologist in the Czech Republic and I am asking if anyone knows of anyone who is fair and communicates well near these towns that can be of some help.

I would like to know of anyone from Korenice or Ratbor with the name Novotny , Bunka, Cvancarova, Mrniak, Wondracek, Trdlikova or Jedlika, Petranbov, Meichova.

I am researching my grandmother’s family which I have traced back to Korenice. I have met the mayor there and he has a book pertaining to these names but I can not read Czech.

I would also like to have a map of the 1900’s or ealy 1800’s of these towns with numbered houses if it exists.

I have seen my grandmother’s house #16 but if the numbers have changed since 1888 then this would be inaccurate.

I would like to find out where the family went, if they were related to Bozena Nemcova, and how far back I can trace them.