Paul Makousky Webinar on MN Czechs on Oct 30, 2022

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I was excited to see/hear Paul Makousky's webinar presentation today (Oct 30, 2022), which I thought was scheduled during the 1pm session. The only session I missed was this morning's because I couldn't log in. Paul and Kathy Roushar Jorgenson are 3rd? cousins, so I hoped I would learn more about our family from him. I don't find his webinar in the Digital Records. Where do I look?

Robert Lawrence - 4624 Daisy Leaf Dr, , Keller, TX 76244


Hello Robert,

All webinar presentations, as parts of the Virtual Road Trip event, happening on Oct 29-30, 2022, were recorded, and are posted on CGSI YouTube channel. The presentation about MN Bohemian Triangle was done by Fred Simon (as Ms. Judi wrote, Paul M. was talking about the upcoming conference on Nov. 5).

Please, go to YouTube, type CGSI into the search box, hit enter, scroll down to find the CGSI organization, then on their page click at the Videos tab. Iveta B.

Hi Robert

Paul did not give a presentation on the 30th. That would be why you cannot find it. Maybe you had something mixed up. He did talk at the Nov 5th discussion group about the upcoming conference.