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I am still looking for Jan Pospisil, born June 1828 ?, Krchlebska Lhota, Zbysov, Caslav. He was married to Mary ? Dolezal, born in 1835, about 1854 in the old country. They had 3 children there, Frank, born 1860, Marie, Born 1861, and Anton, born 1862. and then emigrated to America first settling in Iowa for three years and finally settled in Saunders County, Nebraska. I haven’t been able to find him in the old country.

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Dear Jerry and Kathy,

Its been awhile since I've been on the message board. Just renewed my membership. Anyway, my great-great-grandmother Marie Pokorny's father's name was Joseph Pokorny. I believe she had a brother named Jan. I received this info from another member on the message board.

Found info today on Great-Grandma Pospisil. Her father’s name was Josef Pokorny. According to a 1910 census, they lived in Austria-Moravia. Her mother’s name was Rozalie. (There’s an accent on the “a”).

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Sorry, I didn’t see your second posting until today. The Pospisil name is found in a lot of places that I have searched around the various parts of Bohemia and Moravia. But there are a TON of them in the area around Ledec nad Sazavou. I have not searched for the Pokorny name specifically, but I think I have seen that in the same area. But, don’t get your hopes up. You may need to start searching village by village to see if you can find them. The good news is that the Zamrsk archive has now posted 100% of the records they have (that are allowed for public view by law) for this entire area. It’s interesting that the 1910 census states that they were from Austria-Moravia. I’ve not seen that type of listing before. It may show a bit more potential that they are from this area new Ledec as it lies pretty very near the Moravian boarder. Have you ever done any searching in the Zamrsk records?

Hi. I’m new here. I, too, am looking for information on the name Pospisil. My great-grandfather’s name was Josef Pospsisl. He was married to a woman named Marie. Her maiden name was Pokorny. They had 4 children; names Josef, Marie, Jaroslav (my grandfather) and the baby Ludmilla. My grandfather was born in June of 1899. Just putting that out there. :)

Hi, Kathy, I did a quick look at the records for Krchlebska Lhota and did not find Jan Pospsil. I did find other Pospisil births in that village and found a Jan Pospisil born in 1832 in Oppatovice. I’m guessing that with a birth month and year you got that information from a census which might make is somewhat unreliable. But, how do you know the village is Krchlebaska Lhota? And do you have any leads as to where his wife was born? How about the kids? I checked the birth index for the parish of Zbysov in the 1860’s and didn’t find any Pospisil births in those years. I’ll be willing to do a bit more searching if you can help clarify the source of your information and any additional details.