Possible Fakla or Varga Cousins??

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Hello, I’m looking for info or possible Fakla relatives . It’s an uncommon surname, not many here in the US that I know of. My grandmother Milka Fakla (January 1899 – May 1985) came to the US in Feb 1904 with my great grandmother Zsuzsanna Varga(?) Fakla from“Repas.” They came through Ellis Island, and were on their way to meet my great grandfather Ondre j Fakla in Northampton, PA. A few years later the family moved to Hudson, Columbia County, NY. Upon the death of my Hungarian born grandfather, Ferenc Tamas in 1927, my grandmother moved to Schenectady, NY to work at General Electric Co. Thank you for any help.




My grandmother’s maiden name is Varga (Maria Varga Ivan – mistranslated to Evans upon arriving in US) and her mother’s name was Zuzana Pivovarnik (sp?) Varga. I did not think, however, Zuzana came to the US. Thought I would let you know of the possible connection. Sharon