Raslarica, Austria-Hungary (1883) = Raslavice, Slovakia (2018)?

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Does anyone know if the town of Raslarica, Austria-Hungary (in 1883) is the same town today known as Raslavice, Slovakia?



Check out: You can scroll the map to see exactly where the city is located in Slovakia (north of Presov). City names at various dates are listed.

Juraj Cisarik lives in Slovakia today. He is a certified genealogist on CGSI site. is free. You can search his site for Slovak surnames, and villages.

I also have a CD of Hungarian villages. Raslarica does NOT show up on Hungarian Villages.

Austria-Hungary/Eastern European history is complex.

My AncestryDNA is 90% Austria-Hungary from Slovakia area today. I am willing to collaborate with any persons from Austria-Hungary and Slovakia in particular. username = slavicamerican. MILLER FAMILY TREE (my true surname is RUSZNAK/RUSNAK).