Records for service in Czech Legion WWI

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I am looking for any records of my great-uncle, Petr Kleisner (1878-1955), that show that he fought in the Czech Legion in World War I. He was born in Ježovy, Bohemia, married Maria Merka in Vienna in 1905, had three sons (Josef, Frantisek, Ladislav) between then and 1909, and then does not appear in records (none I have found, anyway) again until 1919 and 1921, when two more sons (Zdenek, Jaroslav) were born in Źilina. The family story says that Petr joined the Legion, served, and then after the war traveled to America (Chicago) to visit my grandfather Vàclav (1872-1952), and then finally returned home. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Laurel Hallman - MA


My grandfathers name was Arnost Grauer and he was from Strakonice. I know he served but I am unable to find anything about his time in the Legionaire.

Can someone direct me to where I might find some information on him?

Thank you.