Rohan/Sablatura in Frenstat

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My family is from the Village of Frenstat, Czechoslovakia. Frantisek (Frank, Franz)Rohan married Mariana Sablatura on 24 Sept 1878. Frantisek set sail for America in 1880, leaving his wife and small son to come to Fayette County, Texas at a later date. He came on the ship Nurnberg and arrived in New Orleans 11 Nov 1880. Mariana Rohan and her young son, Frantisek, born 1879 set sail for America in 1881. I have not found the ship list that names them, but enroute, young Frantisek died. I have information that the parents of Frantisek Rohan b 1854, were Jan and Josefa Ocko Rohan. I would like to verify that information. They did not come to America but stayed in Frenstat. Also, Mariana Sablatura Rohan’s parents were said to be Frantisek and Anna Hilser Sablatura also of Frenstat. Again, I would like confirmation that they were indeed, Mariana’s parents. I have also been told that Jan Rohan’s father was Ondrej Rohan b 11 Jul 1785 and his mother was Anna Adamcik,married on 17 May 1807. Ondrej Rohan’s parents were said to be Jakub and Barbora Cervenka Rohan (married 7 Jul 1782) . Who were Jakub and Barbora Cervenka Rohan’s parents? Also, it would help if I had the names of siblings, as well. I am planning a trip to the Czech Republic and will be visiting Frenstat. If family still lives in or near Frenstat, I would like to meet them.



Have you email the Town Hall in Frenštát? You can translate a note using Google Translate. They might find some family for you.

Hello Thank you for listing so much detail about your family. I have found the marriage record for Franz & Mariana. Here is the town detail: Frenštát pod Radhoštěm okres Nový Jičín, Moravskoslezský kraj, Česko See to the left of this page- Using Archives, you will want to use the Northern Moravia- Opava records. Direct link: Direct link to marriage record:… JK more to follow