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I have been researching Juray (George) Rusnak who was born in Varhonovce, Slovakia in 1904. His father was Jan Rusnak. Juray came to the United states in 1923. He married Mary (Maria) Shimko (Simko)) In Mahoning County, Ohio. He and Maria lived in Campbell, Mahoning County, Ohio from the time he immigrated until his death. His marriage record lists his father as John Rusnak and his mother as Anna Sahoc, but I believe Anna’s last name was Szabol (Sabol). Mary Simko has a brother, John Simko who came to this area prior to 1923. Mary’s parents are listed as John Simko and Anna Bobos on the marriage certificate. I have ship passages for both Maria Simko and Juray Rusnak which matched the information in their naturalization papers. I have not been able to locate any of either Maria and Juray’s parents in Czechoslovakia. Maria Simko was born in Zaluzice, Czechoslovakia. If anyone has any information on this family, I would greatly appreciate any help.