Sartor sodalis in the Austrian Empire

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What exactly did it mean to be Sartor Sodalis (Czech, Krajcirsky tovaris)? My great-great-grandfather, Josef Bartos grew up in the 1850s near Klimkovice in Northern Moravia and identified himself as “Sartor Sodalis” (Journeyman Tailor?) in the early 1860s, when he worked in Bratislava (Pressburg, Blumental parish, according to records of his marriage and the baptism of his daughter). After working for a few years as a tailor in Bratislava, he and his family moved back to Klimkovice, and he continued to work there. I assume that becoming a Journeyman Tailor involved years of apprenticeship under a master tailor. But was there a formal induction? And would there be a record of membership anywhere in Moravia? Did membership involve paying dues? Would there have been any benefits for his widow (and her child) after he died? I would appreciate hearing from anyone with new information or family stories along this line. Thanks for your attention.