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Frantisek Sibrt born 20 Nov 1893 Jistebnice South Bohemia. Lived in Chicago. Known as “Frank” Sibrt.



The birth of Frantisek Antonin Sibrt is found in the Trebon Archive online. The parish is Jistebnice and the birth is found in book 16A on image 222. It does indicate that he was born on 20 Nov 1893 and baptized on 23 Nov 1893. He was born in house #102 of Jistebnice. His father is Frantisek Sebrt, master tailor of Jistebnice 108 and the father was born in Jistebnice 107. His father (your Frantisek’s grandfather) was also Frantisek and also a master tailor of Jistebnice 150 and his wife was Anna born Svab of Jestebnice 112. Your Frantisek’s mother was Frantiska Kostka born at Jistebnice 100, the legitimate daughter of Petr Kostka of Jistebnice 100 and his wife Barbora born Stibor of Jistebnice 173. Baptismal sponsors are Antonin Masek of Jistebnice 173 and Marye Vesela the wife of Frantisek Vesela of Jistebnice 164. Looks like you should have a very easy time going back a least a few more generations! Is this what you are looking for? Let me know if I can be of further assistance.

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Thanks. I’m not worried much about privacy. I have much of this in my records, but you’re giving me another older generation. Appreciate that. I use the SRA Trebon as well as SRA Prague (for Cista Rakovnik) quite a bit. My grandmother was Anna Kostka, born 10 Aug 1874, Jistebnice #100, daughter of Petr and Barbora, sister of Frantiska. Petr & Barbora had 4 daughters. I am going to the Czech Republic this June. I have already contacted my Tajbl family there. They are anxious to meet me and to show me Cista Rakovnik. Great. But the Sibrts are a puzzle.

I remember my father mentioning Frank Sibrt in high regard many times. But who was he? Obviously immigrated to the US. Should I go to Jistebnice on my trip? Any Sibrts there? Not sure. However, my grandparents went back to the “old country” in 1925, and I have a picture of my grandmother with two younger people. Maybe relatives? No label where.

But here’s a real puzzler: Otec Frantisek Sibrt b.1856 married Frantiska in b.1862. They had 4 children, Frantiska b.1888, Amilie b.1891 d.1902, Jirlic b.&d.1890, and our subject Frantisek Antonin b.1893, as you verify. Spot on. SRA Trebon also has census data for Jistebnice. The 1900 census shows only matka Frantiska and the surviving children living at #108! No otec Frantisek! There is a note that she is vdova. OK, so I go through the Jistebnice death records TWICE, VERY CAREFULLY from 1890 to 1900 and I CANNOT find the death of otec Frantisek! How can this be? She’s clearly a widow. Then the 1910 census shows #108 owned by someone else. OK, matka Frantiska probably had to sell the house and move out, perhaps in with other relatives. But where? I have subsequently gone though the marriage records for Jistebnice through the Marriage Book 23, 1882 to 1921. None of the Sibrts married. I’ll look at Book 24 next. And the Death Books.

A similar thing happens when Petr Kostka dies in 1905. 1900 census says only Petr, matka Barbora and dcera Fillipina are living at #100. With Petr dead in 1905, the 1910 census shows #100 Jistebnice is owned by another. Kostkas are gone. Where? Just yesterday I found a record for Fillipina in Chicago archives. She married Vaclav Mann in Chicago, probably correct, as I remember my father speaking of teta “Munn.” Close enough. That’s her. So I’ve accounted for all the Kostka sisters now except Frantiska, manzelka of otec Frantisek Sibrt and matka of Frantisek Antonin. That would require a massive hunt through the census. Tough work and who knows where she would have gone. Or, another approach as I found the Prague Tajbls, I could send out a “cold call” letter to Sibrts still in the CR (there are a few!) and hope for the best.

I cannot find a trail of Frantisek Antonin Sibrt (Frank Sibrt) in the USA using Ancestry. The Bohemian National Cemetery Chicago records do not show him, and the Denni Hlasatel newspaper obits collected in the Lincoln Library (an excellent resource) don’t show him either. Brick wall. Thinking what to do next. Thanks, Dan Tajbl, Auburn CA