Slabce Municipality Teacher Autobiographies

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I discovered an 88-page book of the history and autobiographies of the teachers at the general and municipality school of Slabce. The book began in 1887 with an introduction that listed the teachers back to 1841. The autobiographies began in 1887 and continued to the final autobiography in 1935.

These are the teachers who taught my great grandfather Petr Koutecky (of Modrejovice) and all the other members of our family there.

I extracted key information on the 94 names in the book: birth year and place, date the entry was written, a few dates of death, and some notes on some of the people. I also added a calculated age and a gender column. These all allowed me to present the people in their original order and in alphabetical order and to give some basic statistics about the teachers.

I have now created a web page with this information:

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