Slechta's from Bohemia to Crawford Co Iowa

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An obituary for Wesley Slechta states that he was born in Lipkova Voda Bohemia-is there such a town? He was born 20 October 1859 and died 9 December 1926. He immigrated to the USA about 1880. He was visiting family in Domazlice Bohemia at the time of his death & is buried at St Mary’s Catholic Cemetery there. How would I go about getting a deather certificate for him? I’m trying to pinpoint where the family is actually from. Thank you.



Your ancestor’s Czech name was Vaclav Slechta. He was born Oct 15, 1858 in Libkova Voda #18 which is in Southern Bohemia.

The birth record is found in parish Book Libkova Voda 4, Image 20:

His parents are listed as Vojtech (Albert) Slechta (son of Jan Slechta and Marie Hruby) and Katerina Vomastek (daughter of Vojtech Vomastek and Majdalena Koutek)

You will have to contact the Domazlice Matrika (records office) for his death record as it occurred less than 100 years ago.

Městský úřad Domažlice – Matrika nám. Míru 1 Tel: 34420 379719114 Email:

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