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Tracked my ancestors (mid 1800s to early 1900s) to a Slovakian town "Lucski".  I see where town names have changed since then.  There's several Lucky, Luka, Luky etc. town names currently. Would it be accurate to assume former Lucski is now Lucky in Zilina County?  I don't see any of my kin's names associated, but several other villages have plenty of Gurals and Karsnyaks. 



DougT - Cheraw, SC


Hello Doug,

The former Lucski can be definitely now Lucky (Slovak spelling Lúčky). However, there may be more places with this name because of the broad meaning of this word, which means smaller or little meadows (diminutive form of lúky - meadows), (sing. lucka, pl. lucky) & (sing. luka, pl. luky).

Please, check this website and click at the Letter L, on the top, then check all the places named Lucky or similar

Another great website is Type Lucski or Lucky, then scroll down to see communities in Slovakia with this name (and older name versions). There is one in Zilina region, one in Pohronie, and others in  Eastern Slovakia (notice the former names of current Lucka places also as Lucky for some time period).

It would be nice to know at least one other place from any document or record to know for sure, which one is your Lucky.

On the second website - check also a distribution of the last names you are researching. Periodically, I illustrate how to search on this website at the quarterly CGSI Discussion Groups online (next one on Nov. 5). Thank you.

Iveta B.