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New to this site—can one do a family tree here?

Has anyone looked for the surnames Suk—Taraba—Holek—Zelenka —Havel or Tupy?



If you purchase Family Tree Maker software and start a family tree you can link it to and with that program you are able to make different types of charts which are very useful than with FTM and use a laptop you are able to take your laptop with you to family reunions and have access to your family tree and not need internet. I do this and it works great.

Hi Judy. Sorry I don’t have anything to offer on the surnames you are researching. I have my entire family tree on the website. It makes it easy to look at wherever I am, however, it makes me a captive forever subscriber of since I didn’t also put my tree on a separate computer-based software. At this point I don’t really know what to do to have it both ways. Maybe other members have some ideas. So…long story short. YES, you can create / maintain/ update your tree on