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Looking for Stradals:

- Lukas Stradal, * 1825 in Humpolec, mar. Josefa Hrejsova, *1826

- his son Franstisek Stradal, *1862 in Humpolec, mar. Marie Vasova, *1869 in Kladno, they lived in Havlickuv Brod, (census 1900,1910,1921)

- his sons Karel Frantisek Adolf Stradal , *1893 in Caslav

                Otakar Frantisek Stradal, *1894 in Caslav

                 Jaroslav Stradal, *1897 in Caslav

- his daughter (my grandmother) Marie Emanuela Stradalova,*1896 in Caslav, + 1969 Havlickuv Brod, mar. Robert Neuern 1888-1939

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Another option is to try to network with other genealogists who have built trees on Ancestry and Familysearch who happen to have these same people in THEIR trees. Check to see if the house is by any chance still in the same family at You can check local town histories to see if your ancestors are included in those stories. And we also have some older Czech phone books in our research collection in Mendota Heights, MN


You are referring to the 1921 Census in the AustroHungarian empire, correct? All vital records are protected for privacy if they are more recent than 100 years old for births and 75 years of marriage and death. Thus, you will not find any more records for those folks online. You may, however, go to the archives themselves in the region of interest with an appointment and sufficient documentation to prove your relationship to get more recent documents. If you are not a traveler, you can hire a professional researcher to go to the archives for you. See our list of researchers on this webpage:


HI. When you say you are "looking for Stradals" what does that mean specifically? Are you looking for other records for the mentioned people or are you looking for other descendants of those named here? if it is latter, have you checked out our Surname Database to see who else may be researching this family?


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Hi Judi, I am looking for info for all of the Stradals I mentioned in my post. Apart from my grandmother Marie, they all all disappeared into thin air after the last census in 1921.