Stuck on my 3rd Great Grandfather

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Hello All. I am new to this site and still poking around and learning. I have been stuck on my 3rd Great Grandfather for YEARS! I can't find any record for him on any of the various names I've found throughout my searches. We know his birthdate and where he lived. 

First Name variations: Ignatius, Ignaz, Igna 

Last Name Variations: Kritz, Kriz, Kritzen

DOB: 27 Jul 1833 in Blanice, Tabor, Bohemia, Czechoslovakia

Immigrated and entered through Ellis Island on 1862

Any hints or suggestions of places to look would be truly appreciated. 

Thank you!


Becky Gassen - 276 Pittz Schaaf Rd, , Mineral Point, WI 53565


Hi, Becky, Welcome to CGSI!  It's all about learning, connecting, and sharing!  So, I saw your post with the surname Kriz and the village of Blanice and it sounded way too familiar.  I checked my database and did not have Ignac, but I do have his brother, Frantisek who was born on 19 Dec 1835 at Blanice 16 and was married to my 2nd great grand aunt, Frantiska Vondrak.  Frantisek and Frantiska immigrated to the US and first settled in the Muskoda, WI.  Later they moved to the Manly and Nora Springs area of Iowa.

I have given you the link to the birth record of Ignac above and it does confirm that he was born to the same parents as my 2nd great grand uncle, Frantisek Kriz.  I can give you more information if want want to contact me at

Hi Becky

It is difficult to believe that since you know where and when this fellow was born that you have not found anything. Is that because you were simply searching on FamilySearch? To find the baptismal records for 27 Jul 1833 in Blanice you need to visit the matriky at the State Regional Archive in Trebon. That village is in the parish of Mlada Vozice. If you have not been looking there, then start in the digital library on and review how this is done. Here is an introduction to the archives: Here is a link to the Archive in Trebon: And here is a video on how this can be done:…;  I am glad you are here. Start using that membership to help you learn. Thank you for being a member! Judi,

Hello Becky,

You can search the SOA Trebon, Southern Bohemia Archives, for Blanice or neighboring places, such as Mlada Vozice, Tabor district, Czech Rep. The link to this archive is on the CGSI website, under Resources, Intro to Research, Using Archives (then scroll down).

You can also join us this Saturday at the online discussion session. Here is the link… you cannot attend (short notice), you can always find a link for the next quarterly session on the CGSI website, under News & Events. Thank you for contacting CGSI. yvegen