Surname Syrovy / Syrowy

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Greetings! I would be interested in sharing any information regarding the family name Syrovy / Syrowy (alternative spellings vary in vital records from the 17th and 18th centuries as Syrovi, Syrowi, Syrowe, among others).

My ancestors’ villages of origin are Olomučany and Klepačov, Blansko District, Southern Moravia between 1600 – 1900.

I have found many vital records online, several of which I have been able to transcribe and translate, however I struggle to decipher certain key names and/or words in Czech, German and Latin – any suggestions for help and advice on deciphering and translating would be greatly appreciated.

I am interested in sharing with others any background historical and other general information about the city and district of Blansko, with particular interest in the villages of Klepačov / Olomučany.

I am also interested in learning possible interpretations of name origin, which I understand is an adjective meaning “raw” or “cheesy” in modern Czech. I understand that adjectives were often used to describe a personal trait – what kinds of traits would this describe? As a profession could it be related to cheese maker, butcher, dairy farmer, others?

Many thanks in advance!”“