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I’m looking for any information on Marcus Tisue and or Mike Tisue, both of whom registered for WW I Draft in Wisconsin; listing their place of Birth as Austria-Hungary (which Czech Republic came under, pre WW I). After registering they seem to have disappeared; conjecture they returned to Europe vice fighting against homeland.

I share that Sur-name, tracking the family name as far back as indenture papers about 1712 in Maryland for William Tyshew (on indenture papers), who’s parent there were listed as Bastian Tyshew and Elizabeth Nee Hebron Tyshew. After indenture William moved to PA and was a Captain in Revolutionary War, he wrote his name as Tissue. His son James then dropped an S. We always pronounced as Tie-Shoe. My deduced unproven theory being that Bastian was in some way associated with Augustine Herman, the Czech Cartographer who surveyed and had a large manor in late 1600s Maryland. And that our origins are Tis U Blatna or Tis U Chotebore area of Czech Republic.

Finding what happened to Marcus and or Mike Tisue or other Tisue’s in Czech Republic would really help me get past deduction to more certainty of my Czech Ancestry

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