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In spending a lot of time browsing the Czech archives, looking at birth, marriage, and death records, I have come across many titles from sedlak and chalupnik to rusticum (my ancestors were peasants).  Today, though, on one page, I came across these titles and have no idea what they mean or where I could find out - "consul", "texor", and "navigator".  They are the bottom three listings on the left side of this page:

Can anyone help?

Thanks for listening.

Richard Pouzar - 2303 West Cording Road, , Galena, IL 61036


Hi Richard,

In the old records, the 'consul' could be a mayor.  I know the 'textor' was a weaver (mostly spelled with the t and derived from texo - to weave), and the  'navigator' could mean a sailor or seaman. Welcome other ideas. IB