Town in Bohemia - Palmokle

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My G Father was born on April 6, 1886 an Austrian Bohemian his plcae of residence was Palmokle. Arrival date in America – Ellis Island was May 01,1904 on a ship called Bulgaria out of Hambug. I can’t find any info on Palmokle, so I can do my research. I know he had a brother Jacob Zacharda whom came over in 1906 not – Ellis Island I have no Idea where.If any one heard of this town or village please let me know.



This is late info…could it possibly be, Podmoky! I’ve been there, my ancestors came from there! It is southeast of Praha…close to Golcuv Jenikov.

Magnifying the orginal passenger list entry, it appears that the village spelling was closer to "Podmokles". When entering this spelling into the Jewish Gen ShtetlSeeker, the location result is the village of Podmoklice located 52 miles NE of Prague. I believe this could be your ancestral village. Good hunting!

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My wife’s father Laios Vojtassak (Louis Voy Tassak) b.1900, Left Treztena, Hungry on the Kronprinz Wilhelm Ship from Bremen April 19, 1910 and arrived at Ellis Island April 26, 1910. The spelling of his home town is Ellis Island’s spelling. Do you have any idea if their spelling is correct and where the town is Located?

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