Trip to Slovakia

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I'm travelling to the Presov region of Slovakia this May.  Any tips on what I should research before I go.  Thanks for any input!



Hi Lynn, the best is to know the exact place of your ancestor(s), that means the village or parish they would go to church. Then your ancestor's name and birth year (check US Fed. Census,  passenger list + Declaration of Intent for the Slovak version of the name, if Americanized later).Then you can send a short email ahead of time to village mayor (starosta obce), church official, possibly to the archives. Maybe you could contact Slovak genealogist Michal Razus from Slovak Ancestry, who covers Presov region. He can help with research, giving ancestral tours, connecting you possibly with family descendants. It depends what is the main purpose of your trip. Michal R. and other genealogists stationed in Slovakia can be found on CGSI website (under Resources). Iveta B. PS: You can also join us (if not yet in Slovakia) here…;

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Thanks so much for your input.  I have the names of the villages where my grandparents were baptized and will be guided to their villages by Radko Conka of Slovak Genealogy Assistance.   My grandfather Josef Gresko was from Chotca.   My grandmother Maria Kandracs was from Lopuchov.   CGSI has been helpful in locating a private guide. Thank you again for  given me so much information.