Uslick (Uzlik) family line 3rd great grandparents quick information

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I am researching my Czech line. I have successfully gone back to my 3rd great grandparents. Here is their information:

Vaclav Uzlik and Anna Kovandova:

Vaclav was born 28 November 1824 in Skomelno house 45. Anna Kovandova was born 7 October 1831 in Vejvanov house 41. They were married 28 July 1856 in Vejvanov. They had 4 children, but only 3 survived to become adults. Vaclav died 25 May 1872 in Vejvanov due to a flood and drowned in the mines. All 3 children and Anna moved to America.

Frantisek Funfar and Maria Kovarikova:

Frantisek was born 17 March 1841 in Vejvanov house 25. Maria was born about 1839 in Vejvanov (I can’t find/read the record). They were married 18 April 1865 in Vejvanov. They had 6 children, but only 4 survived to become adults. Frantisek died 30 September 1885 in Vejvanov house 65. All 4 children and Maria moved to America.




Hi. My recommendation is to use a more traditional genealogy source. Many people who rely on the huge databases at Ancestry and FamilySearch miss a lot because those sites do not own every record out there. If you are looking for a death record, go to the state vital records site to find what you can there. Here is a link to the genealogy page for Pennsylvania vital records. I hope it helps.

I am looking for both Anna and Maria's death records in America. 


Anna arrived in New York 6 July 1901 on the ship Konigin Luise with *can't read* as the destination with friends. All of the children ended up in Allegheny County, Pennsylvania. She is not on any 1910 census that I can find. I have seen a tree on Ancestry that says she died in 1906 in Allegheny County, but there is no record of that.


Maria arrived in New York 25 November 1893 on the ship Moravia with Pittsburgh as the destination. All of the children ended up in Allegheny County, Pennsylvania. I cannot find anything after that.