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Looking for anyone who has information about the marriage of John Vala and Jenofefa Parak.

John Vala, the son of Frank Vala and Anna Salajka Vala was born on 9/30/1874 in Nova Ves, Moravia. Jenofefa Parak Vala was born on 11/6/1874 in Luzice, Moravia. My grandfather Frank was born in Moravia on 1/5/1894.

John and Jenofefa were married in a Catholic Church in Mikulcice, Moravia on 5/16/1901. That would mean my grandfather was six years old when they were married. I believe, I have read that to be married in the Catholic Church with a six year old child required the help of someone with some influence. It is said that both worked for royalty but I am not able to provide any confirmation.

To date, I have been unable to determine the name of my biological grandfather.

Thanks for any help in solving this mystery.




Meant to say great grandfather. My great grandmother would only say my grandfather’s father was someone “high up”.